Introducing Swirly Steve

He gets stage fright sometimes… One moment

Meet, Swirly Steve

A concrete plant pot, with a cute little face and bundles of character 🪴

See the real Steve

A Steve for all occasions

(If those occasions only involve blue and orange…)

Blue Bottom Steve

Calm and cool, Blue Steve takes life slow. He loves surfing and shooting the breeze with his succulent friends. He took a gap year in 2003 to travel and 'find himself'... and he's "not quite done yet".

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Orange Bottom Steve

Outgoing and adventurous, Orange Steve enjoys snowboarding, paragliding and knows a guy who's brother once saw Jeff Bezos in a Starbucks. He once left his socks at a Big Tesco.

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Made with love, sweat and a 3D printer

(No tears so far, but any day now… I’ll keep you informed)

The concrete of a swirly steve setting3 Swirly Steve pots lined up on a sofatwo bottles of silicone used to make the moulds
Prototypes of the pots in a 3D printerA hand holding swirly steve plastic prototype
A wireframe of swirly steve on a computer monitorAn cute letter sent with the pots, reading 'I'm swirly steve!'

Tom Emmerson

(Software Engineer / Pot maker)

Want to chat about plant pots, or code?

My day job is making websites like this! If you're looking for website or just want a custom pot color, let me know. I'm always about for a chat!